Subscribers get 20% OFF in September!


Dear subscribers!

So - We´ve come to realize, that a lot of you folks have been signing up for the newsletter. But - We haven´t been sending out a single newsletter yet (!) Yes, that´s right! So, to get back on track and to celebrate all of you, dear subscribers, we offer a 20% discount on your next order in September. 

Here´s how it works: 
If you´re not already a subscriber - join the list at the foot of the page, and you will automatically get an email with the discount code. If, by any chance, you don´t receive the email, check your spambox or contact us either by email or by using the "iMessage" icon on the webshop. 

(Please note, that we will only be shipping out new orders from September 21st.) 

Stay tuned for more fun, ear candy and events!